New Vid! Iron phosphate

episode #3 of the series is out now!

Iron phosphate - Biological Function, Uses and Signs of Deficiency

The Inflammation Salt

Iron phosphate – For Inflammation, Muscle health, Blood Oxygen levels, Anaemia, Immune health – and more!
In this video we are covering

  • Symptoms of deficiency  

  • Areas of function in the body  

  • Facial signs to watch for.

Follow along to learn the basics of working with Iron phosphate, to fight infections before they set in, relieve inflammation and aid the speed of wound healing.

This wonderful mineral is responsible for blood’s red colour. It is the Iron component of the blood that allows it to bind oxygen for transport through the body!  The bio-available iron in the body therefore dictates the amount of oxygen the system can hold. 

An anaerobic environment breeds trouble, so keep your immune ability, energy levels and healing ability high with this most useful mineral.

Also called the First-Aid salt,
a very handy one for fighting flus, colds and infections before they really set in – and perfect for assisting new cuts, wounds or abrasions in healing quickly and without infection. 

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