The Truth About Symptoms

There are no coincidences, only unforeseen circumstances.

Symptoms are direct messages from the body, about the body, and the state of the cells thereof.

Each and every abnormal function of the body (symptom) is expressed for a reason. Bodily functions require certain minerals, and if those minerals are missing, imperfect function is the result.
The nature of these imperfect functions (sometimes called diseases) speaks to what element, or biochemical mineral(s) is missing.
Correct the deficiency, and we remedy the expression of these imperfect cellular functions.

Nothing occurs in the body for no reason, as the body is always aiming for perfect cellular function. If that is not what you are experiencing, there will be a reason. Either a deficiency (or over abundance) of one mineral, metal or trace element is inhibiting some certain function that is vital to health. It is only in this condition of deficit, where normal functions are handicapped – that we find our bodies have real trouble with toxins, parasites, metals, fungi, viruses and bacteria.
When cells are functioning as nature intended – our enzymes, microbiome and body-fluids can work in unison with specialised body cells to combat most any stressor, catalyse most any pollutant, and repair most any tissue!

Signs and symptoms of minerals 1 - 12

#1 - Elasticity - Calcium Fluoride (Calcium fluoratum)

Symptoms indicating a lack of Calcium fluoride can include;

Visible tells indicating this deficiency

Facial / skin tells – Fine dice-like wrinkles (general).
Crow’s feet. Reddish-brown colouring to the corner of the eyes. Lips cracked or chapped. 

Mucus / Tongue – Hard, yellow nodules. Any hard, yellow discharges. A tickling cough. Tongue – rough and cracked (may be brownish in the elderly)

Other visible tells – Enlarged joints (fingers and toes)
Deep cracks to the tissues (callouses, soles of the feet)


Supports the formation of bones, tendons, ligaments, teeth and nails; imbuing these tissues with properties of hardness and flexibility. For anywhere in the body where a lack, or overabundance of elasticity is causing issues. Tissues that have over-stretched (prolapsed) can be tightened and toned back to a state of health through the use of this mineral - Calcium fluoride - #1

#2 - Bone health - Calcium Phosphate (C. phosphoricum)

Symptoms indicating a lack of Calcium phosphate can include;

Visible tells indicating this deficiency

Facial / skin tells – Face is waxy in appearance (showing first at the ears). Physical exertion causes a pale yellow/reddish complexion. ‘Warm ivory’ complexion overall – mainly focused on upper face. Freckles and copper coloured spots.

Mucus / Tongue – Tongue – thick white coating, furry sensation.

Other visible tells – Teething problems, Tooth disorders (general). Bone disorders (general). Eczema/rashes.
Constantly exhausted. Curvature of the spine. Under developed muscles.

A major component of bone, teeth and the outer shell of every cell in the body. Involved in new cell production, this mineral is vital for both our base structure, and our everyday processes. Calming to the nerves, strengthening to bones, and a boost to the white blood cells of the immune system - Calcium phosphate - #2

#3 - First Aid - Iron phosphate (Ferrum phospericum)

Symptoms indicating a lack of Iron phosphate can include;

Visible tells indicating this deficiency

Facial / skin tells – Eyes appear sunken. Bluish-black coloration surrounds the eyes, starting at the inner corner.
“ferrum redness” – red, flushed face accompanied by sensation of heat, brought about by exertion or coldness. 

Mucus / Tongue- Tongue is clear, or in acute cases, red and raw with the taste of bad eggs (indicating infection). 

Other visible tells – Bruises very easily. Nettle-like skin rashes. Enlarged or engorged veins in the legs (Varicose or spider-veins). Lengthwise and crosswise grooves on the fingernails. 

Oxygen is only able to bind to red blood-cells through the power of this mineral. All cells require oxygen as a kind of fuel for processes; the more oxygen, the more nutrients can be burnt, and more energy released. Boosts cellular metabolism, speeds healing ability of the body, aids phagocyte production (the body's 'invading cell eaters' - these destroy foreign bacteria), boosting immune ability. - Iron phosphate - #3

#4 - Gland Tonic - Potassium chloride (Kalium muriatum)

Symptoms indicating a lack of Potassium chloride can include;

Visible tells indicating this deficiency

Facial / skin tells – Face appears pale, milky-bluish complexion. Reddish colour may show on lower eyelids. Skin like alabaster, in young women the whole body may be pale like porcelain. 

Mucus / Tongue- Tongue shows a white coating, thick and yellowish when chronic. Mucus is thick and white, whitish-grey or white, slimy and viscous. Chesty coughs with tough mucus. 

Other visible tells – Warts on hands. Dry skin diseases with floury scaling visible. Bruises that change in colour (blue -yellow-green). Swollen joints. 

Supports the lymphatic system and proper glandular functions, important for fighting infections (alternate with #3). Called for whenever white coatings are visible on the tongue. Controls proteins in solution, acts as an internal blood thinner, helping to prevent clotting. For tough, ropey mucus that requires thinning, and soft, swollen glands (when fighting something) - Potassium chloride - #4

#5 - Nerve nutrient - Potassium phosphate (Kali Phos)

Symptoms indicating a lack of Potassium phosphate can include;

Visible tells indicating this deficiency

Facial / skin tells – Sunken temples(chronic). Dirty, unwashed appearance. Face is pale, ash grey in colour. Lower eyelids pale, ash grey.  Localized hair loss

Mucus / Tongue- Tongue shows mustard like coating, may be dry and breath unpleasant. 

Other visible tells – Physical and mental capabilities limited, depressive atmosphere. Wounds heal badly, tendency to infections. Hyperactivity in children.

Essential for proper nerve and muscle function, when deficient both mental and physical capabilities suffer. The primary mineral the grey matter of the brain is composed of, making this salt the most important remedy for mental afflictions. Sooth nerves, boost the mood and mental abilities(learning requires building new neural pathways, an expensive endeavor). Known as the 'internal antiseptic', helps prevent cell decay - Potassium phosphate - #5

#6 - oil balance - Potassium sulphate (Kali sulfuricum)

Symptoms indicating a lack of Potassium sulphate can include;

Visible tells indicating this deficiency

Facial / skin tells – skin brownish – yellow in colour, especially noticable (darker) on the lower eyelid. Colour may also show as spots (freckles, age spots, moles )

Mucus / Tongue- Yellow phlegm, heavy cough accompanied by audible mucus rale (rattle on breathing). Tongue coated yellow at rear, throat often inflamed. 

Other visible tells – Skin problems with yellow, sticky exudations. Exudates may form a crust and flake or scale off. Yellow crusts at eyelids. Extreme thirst with desire for ice cold beverages.

The maker and distributor of oils in the body, dictating viscosity. Thick oils can clog pores and turn secretions inwards, causing problems. An important element involved in the respiration ability of the epidermis and mucus membranes of the body. For problems with oils, and support of the mucus membranes, Kali sulph promotes oxygenation and detoxification of these tissues. - Potassium sulphate - #6

#7 - Anti-spasmodic - Magnesium phosphate (Mag phos)

Symptoms indicating a lack of Magnesium phosphate can include;

Visible tells indicating this deficiency

Facial / skin tells – ‘Magnesia redness’ is witnessed in the bright red, ‘rosey cheeks’ seen often in children. These red circles show either side of the nose and are roughly 3cm in diameter. Red cheeks show after exertion, upon embarrassment or alcohol consumption.

Mucus / Tongue- Tongue clear, no visible indicator. Mucus – no visible indicator.

Other visible tells – Facial tics, twitches. Nervous itching. Prone to cramps / spasms.

An anti-spasmodic, known as the biochemic pain and cramp remedy. Magnesium is required for ATP production, the element used in every cellular function, therefore it has extensive and constant uses in the body. Activates over 300 enzymes in the body, supports healthy nerve and muscle function. Supports the heart, and balances cholesterol levels. Called for whenever nerve pain is felt, spasms or twitches occur - Magnesium phosphate - #7

#8 -fluid balance- Sodium chloride (Natrium Muriaticum)

Symptoms indicating a lack of Sodium chloride can include;

Visible tells indicating this deficiency

Facial / skin tells – Skin shows a gelatinous sheen, face may be puffy or spongey. Eyes water easily and frequently. Skin on the face can be likened to that of an ‘orange peel’ with open, visible pores (chronic deficiency) seen mainly on the cheeks/nose. Cracked lips and dark rings around the eyes.

Mucus / Tongue- Tongue clear, or can appear slimy and streaked. Saliva may be frothy, bubbly, and either lacking or over-abundant (fluids out of balance, one way or the other).
May occasionally taste salt in the mouth. 

Other visible tells – Skin overall appears withered and dry, or swollen with fluids. Eczema and insect bites weep, and are slow to heal. Excessive thirst, and desire for salty foods.

(This desire for salt frequently leads to excessive salt consumption, which aggravates this deficiency)

The power of osmosis is bestowed to body fluids via this mineral. All processes require trading of nutrients, this can only occur through fluids that have the right balance of this mineral. To create new cells, manufacture saliva, to engage the function of taste and initiate digestion; this mineral is required. For wherever excessive dryness or wetness occurs - Sodium chloride - #8

#9 - Acid balance - Sodium Phosphate (Nat phos)

Symptoms indicating a lack of Sodium phosphate can include;

Visible tells indicating this deficiency

Facial / skin tells – Face will appear greasy, this may be wiped off, but soon reappears. Hair appears greasy. Large pores, pimples and black heads frequent. Hanging fat visible in cheeks, jowls (chronic). The ‘Acid mask’ – an inflamed redness, focused on the center of the face can be seen in acute cases

Mucus / Tongue- Tongue can be coated greyish, whitish or yellow, often thick coating. Damp in appearance.
Sour, or bitter taste in mouth.

Other visible tells – Greasy smears left on glasses, items that are touched. Thick, horny skin on the soles of the feet.
Fat visibly accumulates in areas such as cheeks and jowls. 

The body runs slightly alkaline, when healthy. This mineral controls acid levels within the body, sugar, caffeine and animals products require this mineral for processing. Lactic acid produced by muscular activity is also broken down by this mineral. Uric acid crystals (like in gout) can be dissolved with this and #11. For all acidic conditions, or conditions aggravated by fat consumption - Sodium phosphate - #9

#10 - water eliminator - Sodium sulphate (Nat sulph)

Symptoms indicating a lack of Sodium sulphate can include;

Visible tells indicating this deficiency

Facial / skin tells – Face appears greenish-yellow in hue. Some inflammatory redness may be present. Nose may appear noticeably red (Drinker’s nose). Redness is dull and matt, may appear at the corners of the eyes, and the nose. Tip of nose red-blue, root may show yellow-green hue.
Prominent in acute cases, but subtle and overlapping in chronic cases. 

Mucus / Tongue- Tongue can be coated a dirty brownish, or  greenish colour. Taste in mouth is soapy or bitter

Other visible tells – Swollen limbs (oedema). Skin blisters with yellowish matter. Rashes that flake away yellow matter. Corns, soft warts and fungal skin infections.

Provides a regulatory function to the body’s fluids. Toxins are stored in body fluids for transport and disposal, without this mineral oedema forms. Involved in bile production, liver support, kidney function & support, and is vital to detox ability. The primary means by which the body transports waste matter from the cells to be excreted via the kidneys. Combats fluid retention, cleanses and flushes the body - Sodium sulphate - #10

#11 - Surgeon salt - Structure, form - Silica (silicic acid)

Symptoms indicating a lack of Silica can include;

Visible tells indicating this deficiency

Facial / skin tells – Shiny, glassy skin – almost transparent (commonly observable in the elderly). Deep-set wrinkles on the face – prominent ‘crows feet’. Vertical, tightly packed wrinkles directly in front of the ears. Eyes sunken into their sockets (chronic). 

Mucus / Tongue- Tongue appears slimy, may be coated brownish. Tongue may be dry, and worse in the morning hours. Possible soapy taste in mouth. 

Other visible tells – Poor posture, curvatures of the spine (Scoliosis). Premature wrinkling and sagging of the skin, or alternatively, skin shiny and taught as if pulled back tightly (both showing imbalance of structure). Skin in front of shin bones – shiny and taught. Shiny bald head. Hair and nails – brittle. 

Imbues tissues with strength and resiliency, increases water holding capacity of cells. Vital for the production of collagen, and the manufacture of the protein substances necessary for the formation and maintenance of cartilage, connective tissues, tendons and bones. Used by the body like a scalpel to cut passages for the drainage of decaying matter (pus) from the body. Tightens and tones the tissues. - Silica - #11

#12 - blood cleanser - calcium sulphate (calc sulph)

Symptoms indicating a lack of Calcium sulphate can include;

Visible tells indicating this deficiency

Facial / skin tells – Face may show a yellowish-brown hue, dirty in appearance. ‘Ageing marks’ and moles possible.

Mucus / Tongue- Tongue may appear yellow, or loamy in appearance (towards the rear, base of tongue). Ulcers at the sides of tongue (painful) a common complaint. 

Other visible tells – Wounds heal slowly, and are prone to secretions. Boils, ulcers and carbuncles can all indicate a need for this mineral. 

Vital for the formation and maintenance of cartilaginous tissues, and the formation of certain amino acids. Involved in enzyme and hormone release and function. Assists in purifying the blood and aids in coagulative ability. Boosts detox ability of these connective tissues (bursa/cartilage etc.) A cleansing remedy - promotes cells to discharge waste, and supports the liver and gall bladder - Calcium sulphate - #12

The next time you experience symptoms

Remember – there is no point or benefit to getting frustrated or angry with your symptoms. When they occur next, recognize them, feel them out and consciously acknowledge them. Let your body know you are grateful for what it has shown you, and seek to make the repairs necessary for the state of health to return.

All symptoms are just the body letting you know what has gone wrong, and where – two vital pieces of information that will give us everything we need to know to select the right remedy. 

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For answers to our health, we might take the advice of Carl Jung, whose observation about mental health applies perfectly to restoring cellular function. "Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside, awakes"
carl jung
Carl Jung
Founder: Analytical Psychology (1875-1961)

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