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episode #2 of the series is out now!

Calcium phosphate - Biological Function, Uses and Signs of Deficiency

The bone Salt

Calcium phosphate – For Bone health, Bone metabolism, Cell renewal, The Heart, Nerves, Teeth, Digestive ability – and more!
In this video we are covering

  • Symptoms of deficiency  

  • Areas of function in the body  

  • Facial signs to watch for.

Follow along to learn the basics of working with Calcium phosphate, to raise your immune ability, look after your blood and build the foundations of your reserves.

This mineral is the most prolific mineral we have in the body – this is because 57% of our bones are composed of this exact mineral. The bones are the basis of health! Both red and white blood cells are manufactured inside the bones, in the bone marrow – and the state of the bones will dictate the state of the cells created there!
This means to really look after both your blood and immune system, we need to address the foundations, the fundamentals – the bones. 

A structural as well as functional mineral, this one is sooo important. Stop growing pains before they begin in children, cure anaemia that doesn’t respond to iron or standard treatments, beat your allergies and calm the nerves and heart with this most broadly impactful mineral. 

The Capricorn mineral – Earthy and fundamental, and like the mythical water-goat, this amazing mineral has the power to pull elements from the waters of our blood, and build it into bone, tooth, new cells of any type the body requires! 

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