How to Take The Mineral Salts



Acute cases:  1 tablet every hour  (this interval may be reduced to every half hour, 15 minutes, or 5 minutes – depending on the situation. Up to 10 tablets a day) Continued until symptoms cease

Chronic cases: 6-10 tablets per day (taken over the course of a day – eg. 3x tablets twice daily or 2x tablets three times daily) Continued for roughly 1 month for every year the chronic ailment has been experienced, or until symptoms completely cease. Amount of tablets and length of treatment vary depending on both target area and condition.

All other cases: One tablet every 2 hours – Up to 6 tablets per day 

Unless otherwise advised by your biochemic mineral practitioner

Children (3-12 years)

Halve the standard adult dosageThis dosage is also suitable for a weakened or taxed system, in elderly patients or those recuperating after illness/surgeries. Providing a gentle way back to cellular health. 

Infants (0-3 years)

At maximum – One quarter the standard adult dosageFor very young children, minerals can be crushed into a few drops of water, creating a paste that can then be applied to the lips. Minerals applied externally can still be absorbed via the epidermis (skin). Do not give full tablets to infants 


Large dogs / animals – 2 tablets per dose.
Medium to small dogs & cats – 1 tablet per dose.
Small rodents / amimals – ½  tablet per dose.


How to take the tissue-salts

Tissue-salts are to be dissolved in the mouth – Not Swallowed. This is because the minerals are so finely diluted, that they pass through the buccal mucosa (cheek membranes) and are absorbed via the capillaries straight into the blood stream. 

Allow the first to be fully dissolved and absorbed before taking a second tissue-salt – this prevents the different minerals interacting and forming secondary compounds in the mouth, reducing the effectiveness in the body. 


It must be stated : No-one should supplement minerals or trace elements without professional advice, no matter the cause of the deficiency. If in doubt, contact your Biochemic / tissue-salt practitioner, or other healthcare provider.

One must remember; Less is more - in regards to biochemistry. Our intervening with these minerals is done so in accordance to "Arndt's-Schulz's-Law". We offer the bare minimum required to evoke correct cellular functions, and in doing so we prevent disharmony of the system, and keep perfect balance.
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Rudolf Arndt (1835-1900) a professor of psychiatry, along with Hugo Schulz (1853-1932) professor of pharmacology, while both studying at the university of Griefswald – formulated the principle of regularity, which was then integrated into the linguistic usage of science as the “Arndt’s-Schulz’s-Law”.

Principals of this law:

  • Weak stimuli excite physiologic activity
  • Moderately strong ones favour it
  • Strong ones retard it
  • Very strong ones arrest it

What this means - practical application

This biological law remains true in the application of the biochemic minerals. To put it simply, minute doses of the exact minerals required to evoke a certain process, are the most effective way of stimulating this process. Should you increase this to a moderate dose, we loose some effectiveness, but it still has a favourable effect on the system.

If you choose to take a strong dose, (say 20 tablets at once) you will actually be causing the dilution of that mineral to become so potent, that it now struggles to perform the desired function in the body. 

Think of cordial mixed into water – there is a sweet spot that makes a perfect, refreshing drink. But add too much and you have a sickly sweet syrup that is now unpleasant and unwanted – until you dilute it again and make it palatable. 

Less is more – in biochemistry.  To enhance health, while maintaining perfect balance, we offer small and gentle doses of the 12 primary cell-salts that control cellular functions in the body, and in doing so, stimulate and excite the physiological activities (metabolism and functions) of the cells / tissues / organs targeted in treatment. 

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