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We're not so different, you and i...

The exact minerals that make up a human being, are the same elements that make up all carbon based life forms!

What this means – is the same biochemic minerals we would use to nourish the liver for example, are the same minerals required should we need to do that for an animal! There are some variations, but when it gets right down to it, the similarities out way the differences. 

For example
Dryness or overabundance of fluids will still require the Fluid balancer – #8 Sodium chloride
Anti-social behaviours, fears and separation anxieties will still require the mental mineral – #5 Potassium phosphate. Etc, etc. 

The most important difference is – Dosage.
The size of the animals is the main differentiating factor. Simple and easy to remember, the pet rat that can fit in your hand, will not need as much as the horse who’s back you may sit upon.

See below for some handy tips and tricks, and a rule of thumb for dosage

For creatures large and small

dosage rates

According to Weight

5kg (11lb) and under

This category would include: Rats, Guinea-pigs, Rabbits, Hamsters, Birds and Chickens, Reptiles, Small mammals – etc.
1/2 Tablet per Dose

10kg (22lb) - 5kg (11lb)

This category would include:
Small dog breeds, Cats, Large reptiles.
1 x Tablet per Dose

10kg (22lb) - 25kg (55lb)

This category would include:
Medium dog breeds, Large dog breeds, Young farm animals etc.
2 x Tablet per Dose

25kg and over

This category would include:
All larger animals. Large dog breeds, Cows, Horses, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Donkeys, and more! Anything carbon based and over 25kg. 
3 x Tablet per Dose

Tiny animals - under 1kg (2lb)

This category would include:
Small birds, Newborn mammals, Fish etc. 
1/4 x Tablet per Dose – used sparingly, and  consider diluting in water for tiny creatures.


How to take the tissue salts

Tissue-salts are to be dissolved in the mouth – Not Swallowed. This is because the minerals are so finely diluted, that they pass through the buccal mucosa (cheek membranes) and are absorbed via the capillaries straight into the blood stream. 
For animals, dosing in water or hidden in treats makes this simple. 

Allow the first to be fully dissolved and absorbed before taking a second tissue-salt – this prevents the different minerals interacting and forming secondary compounds in the mouth, reducing the effectiveness in the body. 
This means energy must be spent to pull the minerals apart again – you still gain benefits, just less effectively. 

What remedy do i need?
See our Symptoms page for information on what symptoms tell you, and the 12-minerals page for what systems each mineral effects.

For dosage tips for animals 
See below!

In acute situations
(such as an injury or a current infection) doses may be administered every 1/2 hour.

In all other cases
 One dose, three times per day is sufficient 

Tips for dosing pets

Water extraction makes it easy!

The minerals are designed to melt in the mouth in seconds! Unfortunately, that may be a hard sell to your dog… To get around this, we use this easily dissolved nature of the minerals to our advantage. 

Inoculating water with minerals

Mineral tablets dropped directly into a bowl of water will begin to dissolve. You will be left with a white sediment at the bottom of the dish – this is the lactose, or binding agent we used to press the minerals into tablet form. 

To avoid feeding your pets lactose (as some may be intolerant) simply extract the clear water from above this sediment!
The lactose is heavier and so will settle on the bottom, and if the dish is not disturbed, it will remain on the bottom.

From here – Either use your pets water bowl as your delivery method OR you can do this trick in a small shot glass, and then use a dripper to suck up the fluid!

Mineral filled water is a great way to dose less cooperative animals – like rabbits, reptiles and cats – who don’t appreciate the dripper approach as easy as dogs and horses.

The dripper allows you to get the fluid directly into your pets mouth.
This is perfect for acute situations – where dosing intervals are more regular

Hiding Tablets in Treats!

For the pets who are fine with lactose – or sucrose (should you choose the vegan option)

Natural yogurt. Small amounts of a decent quality natural yoghurt is a fantastic and simple way to get either cats or dogs to accept their dosage, with an added probiotic bonus! 

Anything with a similar consistency would serve as an excellent delivery system. Your pets favourite wet-food for example!

Simply add the dosage to the wet-food of choice, and mix the minerals in!
Tablets or sucrose globules will begin to dissolve, and give added benefit to the meal you are about to give!

If it is a treat, this is a great way to have medicine go down with a smile.

Minerals for Cats and Dogs

Things to watch for

When you begin using the minerals for a targeted condition – if that exact condition should worsencease dosing! This is a sign you have chosen the wrong minerals for the situation, and the remedy needs to be double-checked. 

The exact condition you are targeting should – in the first few days either show no improvement(no effects yet) or some improvement.
Any worsening to the exact ailment is a sign to watch for!

Other signs – such as fatigue, changes in urine (like a strange smell) in the first few days can be normal and should be regarded positively! These signs and symptoms should only last a few days, and be followed by rapid improvements.

These are standard detox signs, or signs the immune system has done some vital work – and typically last 2-3days. For more information on detoxes and how to manage them, see here

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