All about detox

I'm taking my minerals, now i feel sick! What is going on?

Dealing with detox

The one ‘down-side’ to supplying your body with minerals in which it is deficient, is that as soon as it has the resources to make repairs, it will do so.
The process of tearing down old tissues releases any and all stored toxins that have accumulated in those tissues. This will result in standard detox symptoms; Flu-like symptoms, muscle aches, low energy levels, possible chills when dealing with heavy metal or pesticide purges.
If you experience these symptoms, know that this is a fantastic sign!
Your body is tearing down the old structures that were built from a state of deficiency. After this 1-3 day period of detox, the area your body was working on will be invigorated and functioning at a more perfect rate!

The most important thing to remember with any detox process is FLUIDS.
Water is the means by which the body transports toxins from the cells to be broken down and excreted from the body. If you allow your self to dehydrate during a detox, the symptoms and length of detox may increase. The more water, the quicker and easier the detox.

Mitigating detox symptoms

A few tips to make all detoxing a breeze

There are a range of supplements, foods and methods for alleiviating the most noticable symptoms of detox.
Including a few options from the list below will increase your body’s ability to excrete and process toxins. It is a good idea to try and include some of these in your regular rotation.
Effects include; boosting the overall function of the liver, assisting in keeping the blood fresh, reducing inflammation, enhancing anti-oxidant potential, and an overall increase in energy levels. 
If you begin taking some of these supplements before hand, your detox symptoms may be reduced, and the time needed may be shortened.

Boosting the blood cleansing and liver supporting agents will assist in all detoxes, some remedies target specific agents you are looking to detox.

Are you targeting metals? acidity? plastics, pesticides, parasites, fungi or chemical agents? Speak to your Biochemic practitioner, or other healthcare specialist about which of these supplements will be most effective for the kind of detox you need.

CAUTION - Should be taken when supplementing anything - Herbs like Coriander(Cilantro) can be very powerful! It is a known chelating agent, meaning it pulls heavy metals to it and helps break them down. Be sure not to overload yourself and pull a stronger detox response than you are ready for by overusing these most powerful agents!

After detox

"I feel better than I have in years!"

After a few days of feeling a little run-down, drinking plenty of fluids and taking it easy, energy levels return, and you feel renewed! This is because you literally have been renewed, old tissues where torn down and replaced with more perfect cells. That area / organ / system that was targeted for detox via the body, will now be functioning at a higher level. Old symptoms may start to disappear, and the body overall will just feel better. 

Continue taking your minerals as prescribed, and if we are treating a chronic condition, know there may be a few detoxes in store before the entire system is running as best as it can. Detoxes will not be constant, but may reoccur every few weeks / months until the system overhaul is complete.
In chronic cases you will be advised of supplementary measures (as seen above) that will make your detoxing very simple, and symptoms mitigated.

It must be stated - Detox is vital

It cannot be ignored, and to do so, or suppress with Anti-biotics, will only delay the inevitable.

Due to the way we live our lives, convenience has won out over common sense.
Foods we buy are sprayed with pesticides, meats are full of anti-biotics and hormones, beauty products full of harmful additives, water containing fluorides (that don’t exist in the body naturally) medications and hormones (that cannot be filtered out) and more! Honestly, don’t get me started.. 

The results of this are inevitable. We amass toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, synthetic hormones, chemicals etc.

In order to limit the damage these antigens cause – the body will store these in tissues and cells, locking them up so they do not float around and cause damage. This is a temporary solution the body engages until it can perform a detox and get-rid of these agents for good! 
We do-not notice the toxins that are being held this way, until the body releases them for processing during one of these cleansing processes we call detox.

To take an anti-biotic when you experience detox symptoms is to halt this process! Your body then re-stores the antigens/toxins back into the cells, and will then have to do twice the work the next time you attempt to detox! 
This in not sustainable, and will cause largescale problems if let to continue. 

Anti-biotics are to be taken only when truly necessary – in order to save life, not just make it comfortable.
Obviously, take them when needed. But it really does one no-good to over-use these powerful agents.


A few uncomfortable days for an infinitely more comfortable tomorrow. The juice is worth the squeeze!

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