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Mineral balancing is available online - via email

This is the simplest and quickest way to have your minerals assesed, your treatment plan drawn up and emailed directly to you, all from the comfort of your home.

Evaluation includes:

  • Personal Mineral Analysis Report – Analysis allows us to clearly see where you are showing deficiencies 
  • Explanatory InformationA true understanding of why your symptoms expressed, and how to remedy.
  • The Biochemic Method of Healing Easy to follow instruction on the mineral method of how to restore health and vitality to the cells and tissues of the body you are targeting. Dosage rates and length of treatment included.

Evaluation Fee:  Email us to arrange a free phone consultation to discuss pricing. Discounts for children under 12. 

Please complete and forward the Mineral Analysis Form together with any relevant information (from a medical point of view) and up-to-date photographs:

  • Front-on face
  • Profile of face (left & right)
  • Tongue – pushed out and down
  • Other photos depending on condition you are targeting, e.g. skin problems/rash etc

Email information to:   Consult@themineralbody.com
Facial diagnosis requires images be taken in good lighting and without make-up in order to be usable. 

Initial mineral balance report is vital to ensure effective mineral therapies. Without knowing the base chemistry we are working with, we would be making adjustments with only part of the information needed to ensure restoration of health. Questions may be submitted at any time, via email or website contact form.

"It is essential that you know your patient before you can diagnose and treat accurately!"
Father of Medicine

The online Analysis Process

The Analysis form and Facial Diagnosis photographs are the two puzzle-pieces that will show your current biochemical terrain, allowing us to assess your cellular health in real time, for both chronic (long term) and acute (short-term) deficiencies.
It shows us what tissues/fluids/processes are being affected, and where in the body the disruption is occuring.
With this information we know how to move forward!

* We request you mention your preferred method of contact when you email – so we can be in touch regarding treatment plan, mineral orders and progress of treatment * Either by phone, email or text as you prefer.

Once you have purchased an online balancing, emailed the Mineral Analysis Form and Facial images to Consult@themineralbody.com – you will be contacted promptly via email with an ETA on your request.
Your biochemic terrain is then assessed, with focus put on the symptoms you have requested help with. If we find we are lacking in any information – you will be contacted via the method you listed as preferred. 

  • A personalized mineral report is then put together based on your symptoms and the physical signs of deficiency you are displaying. This allows you to see your deficiencies – graphed in an easy to understand format.
  • A mineral based treatment plan for the ailment you are targeting will also be included.
    This treatment plan will include a biochemic explanation of why you experienced those symptoms, as well as the reasoning behind the chosen minerals.
  • A complimentary pdf detailing the signs of mineral deficiencies for future use will also be provided – allowing you to take charge of your health into the future, combating minor ailments before they turn into problems.
  • Dosage rates and length of treatment will be included in the treatment plan.

**  Minerals sold separately. Small bottles $13ea (100 tablets) – Large bottles $19ea (200 tablets)
**  Small bottles kept in stock * Large bottles are order on request
**  All minerals can be posted straight to your door, anywhere in Australia

"Nourishment is the remedy, therefore let the remedy be nourishment"
Father of Medicine