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Pure and simply, what you are made of at a cellular level. The base inorganic (mineral) elements that allowed your tissues to form, (in union with organic and aerial elements) and that allow each of your cells to perform their individual functions. The minerals that, in correct quantity – allow the body to perform it’s functions correctly; such as metabolism and synthesis of nutrition.

In the words of Dr. Schuessler himself, “A man can only keep healthy as long as he obtains the necessary minerals in the correct quantity, and in the right manner”  further stating  “that with Potassium, Calcium, Sodium and Magnesium and Iron, in conjunction with the acids of Phosphor, Sulpher and Chlorine, one can cure all illnesses – that are possible to cure!” 

A salt, or a compound is by definition; a union of two base elements, an anion (positively charged) and a cation (negatively charged). This union creates a very stable, neutral-in-charge compound.

The ability to feed the cells directly comes from the intense preparation process called Trituration. One part Cell-salt is added to nine parts lactose (or sucrose, or other binding agent, depending on supplier) and ground together for hours, resulting in a dilution called 1x. 

1 part of this is then added to another 9 parts lactose and continued up to 6x dilution (or 1 part mineral to 1,000,000 parts binder) and in some cases, up to 12x (1:1,000,000,000,000). 

This process not only makes the particles small enough to get through cell-wall channels, but in physically breaking up the minerals structure, it creates a negative charge at the fracture points – allowing these minerals to be sucked into cells with ease. This means that even a system that is weak and suffering, will still be able to up-take and utilize these wonderful minerals.

Yes. (as long as you are a carbon-based life-form from the planet Earth.) 
These minerals are safe for consumption for young and old alike, and even have applications for plants and animals. They are diluted to such an extent that they will not interfere with medications, and when taken properly, have no ill side effects. 

To expand; Schuesslers tissue salts where identified by analysing the contents of ashes of a cremated human body, to understand what elements made up the creature called man. These base minerals where then further studied in cell cultures, living tissues of humans, animals and plants. This proves that each of these elements are contained naturally in all carbon-based life forms, they are the basis of life on the planet earth, and vital for correct cellular functions. 

Because these minerals occur in your body naturally, and where required to form you to begin with, there is no way they could be considered adverse to your health, for they are the basis of your health. 

See page on dosage (under FAQ heading) for more information on how to correctly use the Schuessler salts for babies, children, adults, the elderly, pets and plants.  

Yes, Schuessler’s minerals are so finely diluted, that they will not interfere with medications or supplements that you are currently taking. They are absorbed through the buccal mucosa (cheeks) and straight into the blood stream, feeding cells directly. As they are not digested, they will not chemically interfere with medications digesting in the stomach.  

There is currently no evidence that the cell-salts (minerals you are made of) interfere with other medications, when taken properly. In the case of vitamins and supplements, call-salts may increase the body’s ability to uptake and utilize them by boosting cellular functions and metabolism.

In fact, if you have noticed the supplement(s) you are using aren’t working, a biochemist may be able to assist in boosting it’s effectiveness through minerals.  

If you are at all hesitant, consult your biochemic mineral practitioner. 

It is also a good idea to notify your healthcare practitioner about what supplements / medications you are taking so they can have the best idea of what kind of terrain you are presenting with, and what chemical influences to consider when diagnosing.  

Care should be taken when you see remedies like 12-in-1 combos.

Due to the nature of these compounds, it is possible that if you take two seperate cell-salts at the same time – that they pull each other apart, and swap anions(negatively charged particles).

For example, taking a Calcium phosphate and a Potassium chloride tablet at the same time, allowing them to dissolve into each other – may result in you absorbing Calcium chloride

(NOT one of the trace elements of the body – used to clear ice from roads, an additive to cement, fire extinguishers and fabric softener, but also used in food production as one of the many questionable additives.  It’s usage on plants would negate them being able to be labled as organic- another red flag.  Although considered a ‘safe’ additive to foods, it has a desiccating effect to tissues and may cause some irritation in large amounts.)

At the dilution of biochemic minerals, no irritation should occur, but your body would have to exert energy to pull these particles apart for processing. The potassium may end up Potassium phosphate – a safe mineral to consume, but will not perform the function of Potassium chloride without your body exerting energy to pull the particles apart, and scavange a chloride particle from somewhere in the body to perform the desired function. 

The other reason to avoid combination remedies, is that these minerals function most effectively the more targeted we are with administration. Finding the root of the tree of symptoms, the initial deficiency that caused the dysfunction – will result in the most effective form of remedy.

To surmise, the combination remedies are like a shotgun blast instead of a sniper shot, and will require more effort from the body to get what we want out of them. This may be fine for a healthy adult, with energy to spare – but for a taxed / overwhelmed or weakened system – the targeted single mineral approach will always be superior, gentler and more effective. 

If your issue was an acute one, remedy should be felt within one to three days. If the desired results have not taken place by the third day, you should consult your Biochemistry practitioner, as the remedy selected was not the one required by the body. Or, it could indicate a secondary deficiency inhibiting remedy – Eg. if you are also low on the fluid-balance salt (#8), you won’t be able to get the minerals where they need to go without first balancing the fluids – This is where facial diagnosis and biochemic assessment can save you both time and confusion.

Patience is important with long-term or chronic illnesses. A rough rule-of-thumb would be – expect one month of biochemic treatment for every year the issue has been manifest.  A deficiency that has been growing for 10 years untreated, may take some months before the chronic symptoms begin to dissipate.

There is also the variability of the individual, some feel effects upon the very first dose, others may take a day or so. Please keep this in mind as a buffer to the expected length of time of remedy. 

Yes! Absolutely, and there is so much minerals can do for both mother and growing baby.
The process of growing a child is a demanding one, and the body of the mother has evolved to pull the required minerals from her own tissues if necessary to ensure the baby forms correctly

This means, if you do not have abundant minerals, when baby sends the call of need – you, regardless of your own need will send these minerals. If the baby needs silica, perhaps you find you break out in tough, sore pimples. If baby needs Calcium, perhaps you find out you are showing early signs of osteoporosis.
All of this is optional, if you are planning on becoming pregnant, or have just found out that you are – Biochemistry has so much to offer you, and your little one. Pre-load your body with the minerals required – and you will not be overtaxed. 

We have a schedule of the salts required to form a healthy happy child – at each phase of fetal development – and supplementing these minerals will mean you don’t have to deplete your own resources. We also offer advice for the mother herself to make the birthing process a little easier.

For example; The Elasticity salt (#1 – Calcium fluoride) when taken in preparation for labor (taken internally, and applied to groin region as a creme for 3 months prior) will help imbue the tissues with more of its rubber-like quality, reducing the chances of tearing. #1 imbues elasticity, but also tightens what has stretched and loosens what has hardened. 

Or The Bone health salt (#2 Calcium phosphate) When taken during pregnancy will help the baby form healthy strong bones, and – form a wide enough jaw to prevent tooth crowding in later life !

Biochemic minerals can also help mother with milk production, and quality of milk. 

Violent or acute injuries which are life threatening – will need emergency medical attention. 

All other dis-eases can be assisted – if not exclusively, then as a supplementary measure – with the biochemic tissue salts.

In any case, no matter the cause – enhancing the functions of the individual cells that comprise the system as a whole, can only have the effect of increasing overall functionality, and therefore health, of that system. 

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