Who We Are?

Our Mission

Here at The Mineral Body, we aim to put your health back into your own hands. 

 “We believe good health should be easy, and accessible to everyone – and with Mineral Therapies – It is.”

We achieve this in two ways.  

#1 – Making symptoms simple. Getting you a true understanding of why you experienced what you did. From this understanding we know what to do next.

#2 – Teaching you how to self-remedy. Learn how to read your body & face. Gain understanding in the base minerals involved in restoring order & function to the area, or system of the body being impacted. 

“Once we know ourselves deeply, at a cellular level – we can rebuild ourselves a solid foundation of health. ” 

Minerals help you be your best

We are here to empower people to realise symptoms as the body sending messages, calling for certain elements. Once we see things this way, remedies can be simple, quick and easy.

Minute doses of the same minerals found in all plants and animals (all Carbon-based life-forms) are truly the foundation, the basis of good health.

"It is exactly the same to grow a plant in special fertilizer, and to cure sick tissues by providing molecules of an inorganic salt, which is homogenic to that, that has caused the functional disorder"
wilhelm schuessler
Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler
Father of Biochemistry

Our Core Principals - 4 basic biological truths

A Framework for clarity

These 4 basic truths give us the framework to read the signs of deficiency.

For example – If the elasticity salt is the only element that imparts that rubber-like quality, when we see hardenings, tearing or prolapse in tissues, we understand we must supply this lack of elasticity with the only inorganic (mineral) element that imparts that exact quality. 

A Clinically Proven Science

The minerals found in the human body that make up it’s parts and are involved in it’s function, are the exact minerals called for to remedy any failure or dis-ease in that part. To rebuild any of that tissue will require the exact ingredients of that tissue! 

Pure and simple, chemistry of your biology – biochemistry.

The Mineral Body - Practitioners

Resident Biochemist At The Mineral Body
Resident Biochemist - Lauren Shea

At The Mineral Body – you will be working with Lauren Shea – an Institute Qualified Dr. Schuessler Mineral Therapy Practitioner.

Professionally –Biochemist (specialising in the inorganic (Mineral) elements of the organism). 
(a Cell-salt or Tissue-salt Practitioner)

Practising the Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy – in accordance with the teachings of Dr. Schuessler, and the principles of the German Association of Biochemistry (BBD) 

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