mineral therapies nourish your cells directly

12 Basic Minerals - 12 Basic Functions

The Foundation That Enables Good Health

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”
-Hippocrates (460 – 370 BC)

Health begins in the cell

Each and every function of the body is put into action via the cells. These cells communicate with each other via electrical impulses and chemical signals. Each cell functions as an individual – selecting the needed nutrients from the blood, and excreting waste for disposal. The primary fuel for these cellular actions are chemical compounds we call the Tissue-Salts or Cell-Salts. 12 Primary minerals are the basis for most every cellular function of the body.  Yes, trace elements are important, and so are vitamins, proteins and amino acids, but none of these can be utilized correctly if the base minerals are deficient.

you are more amazing than you know!

See the beauty that is - The bio-chemical elements you are made of

The elements shown above are responsible for your entire body & the balance of these elements is seen in the state of being we call healthy. Biochemistry, or Mineral therapy is the balancing of these biological elements.

Big thanks to the Beauty of Science channel for sharing this footage
A Biochemic Understanding

The Truth about symptoms

And how they should be considered your best friends in terms of managing your own health
And what they are trying to tell you

All symptoms expressed in the body - are expressed for a reason. They are the cells calling for minerals.

When a cell is required to perform a function, it needs fuel to do so. Specific minerals are the basis for the cells chemical power - and only the exact minerals required will result in perfect cell function. If a cell cannot retrieve this from the blood, it will pull reserves of the next-best-suited mineral from the body and attempt to perform it's function. Imperfect function is the result and that manifests in what we call symptoms.

Biochemistry safe for all ages
Safe and effective for all ages, Mineral Therapies help restore your mental and physical health. Building you up from your smallest parts for a solid foundation in good health

Mineral therapies are here to help

Taking stock of your symptoms, and including facial diagnosis we can pin-point what minerals are lacking, and thus, WHY your symptoms have manifest.  Correct the deficiency, and we resolve the symptoms. 

A supremely gentle form of therapy - using only the minerals that are endogenous to your body

Learn more about the 12 basic minerals of Biochemistry -
The Chemistry of Your Biology

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Mineral remedies
Mineral Therapies for Common Complaints

Nobody knows your body better than you. Packaged remedies for common complaints, along with detailed information on why those symptoms expressed, and an easy to follow mineral guide. Remedy your problem, and learn how to keep those symptoms from becoming a problem again. "Physician, heal thyself"

Facial analysis for Mineral balancing
Facial Diagnosis & Mineral Balancing

Unsure of why you feel the way you do? Can't pin-point where your problems are originating? This is where Facial Diagnosis really shines. Imbalances show in the face, and as minor symptoms before they manifest as real problems (what we call diseases) in the body. Book a consult online today, and have your mineral balance assessed.

Once you understand who and what you really are.. what you are made of at the smallest level, managing your health and bodily functions becomes simple.
Take back your healing power - become all you where meant to be!
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