What is biochemistry?

Minute doses of the minerals you are made of - as required and evidenced by symptoms you manifest


Biochemistry = Bios (Greek for Life) & Chemistry “a branch of natural science that deals with the qualities, composition and alteration of substances and their combinations” Biochemistry is therefore, The Chemistry of Life.
The chemistry of your living tissues, and the balancing of these elements (when required) in order to bring about the state of perfect equilibrium we call health. 

Biochemistry makes use of the minerals you are made of, and nothing else. Diluted to such an extent that we do not interfere with normal functions, or throw anything out of balance – making it one of the least invasive, and most gentle forms of therapy.

Biochemic minerals, cell-salts or tissue-salts are recommended when you are exhibiting signs of certain deficiencies. These deficiencies can have many causes (Stress, illness or injury, habits, diet, sleeping patterns, medications, environment – and more).
All symptoms are messengers from the body, letting you know what is going wrong, and where.
Taking note of these symptoms, and pairing them with Facial Diagnosis (deficiencies show in the face, tongue and skin) we are able to pin-point what minerals have become deficient, and thus why you experienced those symptoms.
We then supply the exact minerals involved with that part of the body exhibiting symptoms of lack. 

Acute cases respond extremely quickly – the minerals dissolve in the mouth and enter the bloodstream in seconds. The cells then distribute these minerals to exactly where they are needed most – guided by cellular intelligence. 
Chronic cases that have taken years to develop, can take months of treatment to rebuild and cleanse, but steady improvement can be made – with a little patience. 

With no known side-effects, no addictive qualities, no interference with other medications, and no synthetic elements –
Why not give mineral therapies a try? Your cells will thank-you!

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"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."
(c. 460 – c. 370 BC)

Our core principals

Principal of Cellular Health - 4 basic biological truths

#1 – The state of being we call disease does not occur if cell metabolism is normal.

#2 – Cell metabolism is normal if cell nutrition is adequate.

#3 – Nutritional substances are of an organic or inorganic nature, as far as the body is concerned.
-Organic(proteins/amino acids etc)

#4 – The ability of the body cells to assimilate and to excrete (metabolise) and further to utilize nutritional material is impaired if there is a deficiency in the inorganic(mineral) consituent of the tissue.

What this shows us is – at the most basic level of the cell – it is the mineral elements  that have the most sway over cellular functions. We can have all the vitamins in the world, but if we don’t have the minerals to process them – they are useless.  Health begins in the cell, and it begins with the heaviest elements of the body – the mineral elements.

A Framework for clarity

These 4 basic truths give us the framework with which to read the signs of deficiency.

For example – If the elasticity salt is the only element that imparts that rubber-like quality, when we see hardenings, tearing or prolapse in tissues, we understand we must supply this lack of elasticity with the only inorganic (mineral) element that imparts that quality. 

Principal of the Law of minimum - in application


The most effective dosage is the minimum required to stimulate - thus we keep balance

 Principals of this law;

  • Weak stimuli excite physiologic activity
  • Moderately strong ones favour it
  • Strong ones retard it
  • Very strong ones arrest it

What this means – practical application

 This biological law remains true in the application of the biochemic minerals.
To put it simply, minute doses of the exact mineral required to evoke a certain process, are the most effective way of stimulating this process. Should you increase this to a moderate dose, we loose some effectiveness, but it still has a favourable effect on the system.

If you choose to take a strong dose, (say 20 tablets in a day) you will actually be causing the dilution of that mineral to become so potent, that it now struggles to perform the desired function in the body. 

Think of cordial mixed into water – there is a sweet spot that makes a perfect, refreshing drink. But add too much and you have a sickly sweet syrup that is now unpleasant and unwanted – until you dilute it again and make it palatable. 

Less is more – in biochemistry.  To enhance health, while maintaining perfect balance, we offer small and gentle doses of the 12 primary cell-salts that control cellular functions in the body, and in doing so, stimulate and excite the physiological activities (metabolism and functions) of the cells / tissues / organs targeted in treatment. 


Where did it come from? A brief history

1873 may be considered the birth-year of Biochemistry, with pioneer Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler (1821-1898) releasing his first work entitled ” An abridged Therapy on the Basis of Physiology and Cellular Pathology” in 1874.

The thesis proposed in his works was; ” The inorganic substances found in the blood and tissue are sufficient to cure all diseases that can be cured”

Quite a claim to make! But sure enough (just as the agriculturalist knows to do with their plants) through repeated study, tests and experimentation, it was found that these claims where true. Correct the deficiency, and the tree of symptoms cease to manifest. 

Dr.Schuessler was a Physicist, Physiological Chemist, and Doctor of Medicine. A man with burning curiosity, who brought simplicity to a field overburdened by needless complexity. 

The original biochemic method placed emphasis only on the 12 foundational Cell-salts (or Tissue-salts), but over the years and with further study – more trace minerals have been added to the list. There are now over 20 listed biochemic salts. 

The original theory remains true though, that the 12 basic minerals must be in balance in order to utilise the more complex actions of the body. Only then, can we make use of the minor trace elements, vitamins and nutrition that comes in through food and supplementation. 

Where is it now? Biochemistry today

1885 – The first Biochemic Association (The German Association of Biochemistry (Biochemischer Bund Deutschland eV -BBD))  was founded in Oldenburg, Germany – and is still growing strong to this very day. Considered the world authority on the ‘Clinical science of the biochemic therapies of Dr. med W. H. Schuessler’ they continue research and work into the 12 biochemic minerals and their applications.
Well respected as an organization, the BBD has representative seats on the Health Commission of the Federal German Government and the Health Commission of the European Government.
As the owners of Schuessler’s original works, case studies and evidence based research materials – they are considered the world’s leading authority on the subject of inorganic elements and the fundamentals of the biochemistry of Dr. Schuessler

Today the
Biochemic Association Institute now has over 70 branches and Education facilities throughout the world. The Institute I studied under, The Academy of Biochemic Medicine Asia Pacific was founded in July 2000, and now has presence covering the entire Asia Pacific Region.

For a more comprehensive deep-dive on the men and history of biochemistry, see below!

Now you know the guiding principals of this method of healing, what are you waiting for?

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