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Calcium fluoride - Biological Function, Uses and Signs of Deficiency

The Elasticity Salt

Calcium fluoride – For Elasticity, body coverings, bones, teeth, joints, ligaments, the skin – and more!
In this video we are covering

  • Symptoms of deficiency  

  • Areas of function in the body  

  • Facial signs to watch for.

Follow along to learn the basics of working with Calcium fluoride, to harden your enamel, soften your calluses, or remove those wrinkles!

This most vital mineral acts as a toning agent in the body. It hardens enamel and the outer coating of bone – while also imbuing tissues with the ability to stretch, flex and absorb shock. Vital for bone and tooth health, involved in the nervous system, brain, eyes and much more! 

Areas that have hardened or calcified can be softened and reconditioned with this powerful mineral. Ligaments that are prone to overstretching can be tightened and toned overtime by supplementing this mineral.
One of the slower working minerals in the body, the area of effect is very broad and Influential! Definitely one worth knowing about. 

** Absolutely not the same form of fluoride we hear about being added to the water supplies – the fluoride in the water is not a biological form, hence the issues it causes in the body. **

One main issue is that if non biological fluorides are all you are getting – the body will try and use them and the results will be imperfect – ie the fluoridation of teeth we are seeing, and damage in all of the areas true calcium fluoride brings remedy!
To help combat this, look to control your water quality, and think about supplementing the true biological fluoride to allow the body to replace harmful fluorides with biologically beneficial ones! 

The Cancer mineral – as most mothers would agree, the ability to stretch and be flexible is vital to both mother-hood, and life in general. 

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