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Potassium sulphate - Biological Function, Uses and Signs of Deficiency

The chronic inflammation Salt

Potassium sulphate – Potassium sulphate (Kali sulph) – The maker and distributor of oils in the body, dictating viscosity. Thick oils can clog pores and turn secretions inwards, causing problems. An important element involved in the respiration ability of the epidermis and mucus membranes of the body. For problems with oils, and support of the mucus membranes, Kali sulph promotes oxygenation and detoxification of these tissues

In this video we are covering

  • Symptoms of deficiency  
  • Areas of function in the body  
  • Facial signs to watch for.

Follow along to learn the basics of working with Potassium sulphate, to become more resilient to infections, improve the livers function, speed in regeneration and purify the body – look to Potassium sulphate.

Conditions like jaundice, that cause yellowish hues to the skin and eyes are all in the realm of this most helpful mineral. The livers little helper – the sulphate component both enhances the metabolism of the liver by speeding it’s functions, and also because it is a vital component for the manufacture of bile.

Nourish and support the Gall-bladder! Extra important for those who have had their Gall-Bladder removed – as without the bodies natural bile storage these people bile demand is massively increased – meaning you will be burning through Potassium sulphate and Sodium sulphate faster than those who have a Gall-bladder for bile storage.

Another oxygen rich mineral, where iron phosphate bound oxygen into the blood, this mineral has the job of pulling oxygen into the cell! So taking these two together is a potent way to oxygenate the system at a deep and cellular level! 

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