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Potassium phosphate - Biological Function, Uses and Signs of Deficiency

The Mental Salt

Potassium phosphate – Potassium phosphate (Kali phos) – For any and all mental afflictions (anxiety, depression, paranoia, suspicion, fear, reactivity, mania and outright insanity), insomnia, heart palpitations, hair-loss, halitosis, to boost overall energy levels and become more resistant to stress!
This wonderful mineral has a big bunch of benefits.


In this video we are covering

  • Symptoms of deficiency  
  • Areas of function in the body  
  • Facial signs to watch for.

Follow along to learn the basics of working with Potassium phosphate, to become more resilient to infections, improve the mood and brain function, look after the blood and support heart.

This most versatile mineral is the primary mineral the body utilises to manufacture the grey matter of the brain! The phosphate molecules are of vital importance to our cells ability to generate energy, making this mineral a vitalising element to the body. 

Also known as the biochemic antiseptic or antibiotic
(although this one is PRO-life), this mineral has the power to help prevent cell decay or cellular breakdown, thus helping prevent the spread of damages at the cellular level! 

A nerve and mind nutrient, take it to relieve stress, to provide the mineral basis for forming neural pathways (making learning new skills not just easier – but doable! ), enhancing memory, boosting energy levels and generating more willpower – naturally!  

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